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The Shores at Marina Bay still the Bay Area's best real estate deal at under $300K!

With only 46 of the 350+ units left to be sold, The Shores condominiums were once again featured on the local news. At prices starting in the $250K range there simply is no better deal around. Where else can one enjoy waterfront living at a fraction of the cost? Marina Bay is conveniently located just a few miles from Berkeley on one side and about a mile or two from direct access to the Richmond Bridge.

I've personally sold several of these units to clients who had almost given up in the hyper competitive East Bay real estate market. As a Marina Bay resident myself I could give them a first hand account of what life is like here. All of them have since thanked me for introducing them to the Bay Area's last hidden secret that they now call home. I'm happy to take you on a tour of the remaining units before it's too late. To view the Fox KTVU news cast click here.

Ary Assadi East Bay Modern Real Estate




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