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144 Lakeshore Ct. Sold for Record Price

It goes without saying that location is everything. We've seen a bit of price pressure for condos in Marina Bay this year primarily due to the increase in the amount of listings. However, given the amazing ocean views that 144 Lakeshore Ct. had to offer I still proceeded to list it at a price that has never been attained for a condo at The Shores.

After only 2 weeks we received an offer and closed on the sale less than 3 weeks later at the asking price. The lesson learned is that buyers are always willing to pay a premium for homes that have very unique attributes, be it the school district, the privacy, the size of the lot, the unique architecture, or in this case the amazing ocean and San Francisco Bay Trail views. After the sale of 144 Lakeshore Ct. I've had several buyers reach out to me wanting a home with this kind of a view. Unfortunately there are not more than 20 or so homes like this at The Shores and only a few more in the rest of Marina Bay.

So if you happen to be the owner of an ocean view home and are ready to sell your property for a new record high price then please let me know as I have several buyers waiting for such an opportunity.

Ary Assadi Bay Area Modern Real Estate




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