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Richmond Ferry Terminal Officially Breaks Ground!

The most common question that I receive from Marina Bay buyers and sellers alike is if and when the long proposed Richmond to San Francisco ferry terminal will come to fruition. Well I'm happy to say that as of this week we have official confirmation that construction on the Richmond Ferry Terminal itself will begin this month. Based on previous news releases it was mentioned that the construction on the two boats that will be used for this route were being built. I've also personally seen that a new terminal is currently under construction at the San Francisco Ferry Building.

So what does this all mean for Richmond's Marina Bay and it's residential real estate? The way I and most other professionals see it, this is long awaited and fantastic news for our area. Not only will it put Marina Bay on the map, but it will literally allow professionals to reside in Richmond and commute to San Francisco on a daily basis in 30 minutes or less. How that will affect our local real estate prices would seem to be self explanatory. See the latest article from the Richmond Confidential for more details! This is the perfect time to get involved in the Marina Bay real estate market. Get in touch with me to se how I can help.

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