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Richmond Ferry Update

Richmond Ferry

The most frequent question that I receive from both buyers and sellers in Marina Bay is when will the ferry from Richmond to San Francisco begin operation? There has been much speculation and last year's ground braking ceremony which I reported on as well had a scheduled starting date of September of 2018 according to Mayor Tom Butt. Although construction is well under way we are not quite there yet. The latest report has a start date of January 2019. For more details on this including, the fare cost, the length of travel, etc. see the latest update from WETA.

We've seen a substantial increase in real estate transactions in Marina Bay this year and a a very healthy increase in values as well. Much of this is a result of the anticipation of the ferry service an how it will transform Marina Bay as a whole. If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to me at any time.

Ary Assadi

East Bay Modern Real Estate




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